The following are the rules and regulations for the Windsor Marksmen’s Association Inc. The association assumes no responsibility for accidents, damage to, or loss of personal property. The rules and regulations are available as a PDF document.

  1. Club activities of the Windsor Marksmen’s Inc. have priority over non-club activities. At all other times, the Pistol and Rifle range are reserved for the recreational use of current members and their two (2) guests. Any other activity NOT directly associated with the two activities described above must be submitted in written format describing the intended purpose for using the range and receive prior written approval from the XO, Chief Instructor and President two weeks prior to holding the event.
  2. Only one (1) guest is allowed at the firing line at any time and must be directly supervised at all times by the host member, except during Match activities which is supervised by the Line Officer(s). Guest may not bring their own guest to shoot. Any member in good standing that has signed the club’s Hold Harmless form assuming liability responsibilities for their guests will be allowed a maximum of 2 guests per visit.
  3. All first year club members in good standing are NOT allowed to bring guests to the range.
  4. Absolutely no shooting before 9 AM Monday through Saturday and 1 PM on Sunday. All shooting must cease at sunset.
  5. Only targets which allow the projectile(s) to enter or pass through are allowed. Clay birds may be hand or machine thrown on the 100 yard rifle range. NO METAL PLATE TARGETS, GLASS, HARD PLASTIC OR EXPLOSIVE TARGETS ARE ALLOWED ON THE RANGE.
  6. NO GROUND TARGETS ARE ALLOWED except clay birds, bowling pins and other approved targets as described in rule #5 above which may only be used as a stationary target and only when placed at either the 50 or 100 yard berm.
  7. NO SHOTGUN SHOOTING is allowed on the pistol range. All shotgun shooting will be conducted on the rifle range and only with the designated club shotgun target frame or similar type frame provided by the member. NO GROUND TARGETS can be used when shooting shotguns on the rifle range.
  8. AT ALL TIMES, all firearms are to be handled and loaded only on the firing line and must be pointed downrange or straight down with actions open and an empty chamber indicator (ECI) inserted in the weapon. ONLY ONE (1) firearm at a time is allowed at the firing line. All other firearms are subject to rule 9. The ECI must be of a highly visible color such as yellow or orange, and must extend far enough into the chamber of the weapon to ensure the absence of a cartridge in the chamber once the ECI has been inserted. The flag portion of the ECI must extend far enough from the open action so that it is readily visible to the line staff and other members on the firing line. Each member is responsible for meeting this requirement.
  9. ALL weapons not on the firing line must be holstered, or unloaded with their actions open and the magazine removed and encased. Rifles not on the firing line may be left at the rifle rack unloaded muzzle up, with their bolt or action opened, magazines out and an ECI inserted.
  10. The safety of everyone on the range requires self-discipline of all present. When self-discipline is lacking, it is the duty of the Association members present to enforce the rules and the duty of the shooter to comply with said enforcement
  11. Range Safety / Line Officer commands will be obeyed by all persons on the Range.
  12. Dry firing is permitted only on the firing line with the firearm pointed downrange while the line is HOT.
  13. With the exception of holstered pistols, ALL FIREARMS WILL BE UNLOADED IMMEDIATELY upon the command “CEASE FIRE” regardless of when the command is given. Actions will remain open until further instructions are given.
  14. When the firing line is declared “CLEAR”, all present will leave the firing line until further notice. The firing line extends from the Pistol to the Rifle berms.
  15. Only ammunition of the proper Gauge and Caliber for the firearm may be used. Defective ammunition must be placed in the “Dud” can. (Orange tank located by the pistol range garbage cans).
  16. All shooters will clean up their firing point when finished shooting. This includes removing targets, picking up cartridge cases and disposing of all trash in garbage cans or removing it from the Range.
  17. Do not disturb shooters on adjacent firing points. Loud or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  18. Do not exceed 15 MPH on any portion of the Range (Great Meadow) Road. Do not park or drive on the Range itself, except at select matches which are held forward of the established firing line. Observe and obey Club Handicap parking spots.
  19. Club Members are requested to record the dates and times they use at the Range so that we can maintain our Range Logs. This information can be turned in to the Club Executive Officer via email, at the Club meetings or mailed to WMA, PO Box 445, Windsor, CT 06095.
  20. Proof of current membership will be in the form of the club badge which MUST be displayed by a lanyard while at the range. Windsor Police have been asked to confirm membership when checking the Range. If you do not have proof of membership when checked by the Police or a confirmed member, you will be asked to leave.
  21. Any member that loses their badge must report it immediately to the club membership chairman. Members will be charged $25 to replace the missing badge.
  22. All individuals will wear eye and ear protection while on the Range when the line is hot.
  23. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and any person under the influence of any substance is strictly prohibited on Club property.
  24. Any range or match rule violations are subject to board review in the presence of the violating member and any disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the board.


Reviewed and revised by the Range Rules Committee 11/29/84, 11/15/89, 02/21/91, 10/20/2000, 6/16/2006, 07/18/2008, 02/05/2015, 7/12/2016, 2/17/17, 6/23/2023